Cornwall’s Daily Mile Launch – Rainbow Runners!

Source: Cornwall Council

Date: 15-January-2018

Rainbow Multi-Academy Trust commits to The Daily Mile

Schools in the Rainbow Multi Academy Trust (MAT) have all been out running their Daily Mile today, as part of a launch with the Cornwall Council Wellbeing and Public Health Service. Samantha Jones, CEO of the MAT, has been working with the Headteachers on the initiative as part of Rainbow MAT’s commitment to healthier lifestyles. Some of the schools in the MAT, such as Penponds and Troon, have been already taking part for over a year and for others, such as St Meriadoc, it was something new and exciting.

St Meriadoc

Bethan Anderson, Headteacher, says that she is very much looking forward to taking part after hearing about the benefits from other schools in the Trust. In the launch assembly today, the children learnt more about the benefits of getting outside and increasing their daily exercise. Imogen, Year 4, said she can’t wait to get fitter. Kieran, Year 4, talked about how he thinks that running each day will make him happier after learning from Mrs Anderson all about endorphins. Today, Mrs Anderson took part in The Daily Mile with the children. She is excited to spend time with the children in a more informal setting – and getting out of her office, each day!


Adam Richards, Headteacher, states that running The Daily Mile, no matter what the weather, really gets the children invigorated for their learning. The children and teachers there agree and say that they really look forward to their ‚brain break‘ and some fresh air in the afternoons.


Julie Lamb, Headteacher, believes her children at Troon School are very passionate about the benefits of this quick, easy and fun way to get the children more active. Julie has been impressed by how easy it has been to fit into The Daily Mile timetable and rather than taking time out of learning, it has shown increase on the children’s concentration following the session. The children obviously agree, as Scott, Year 6, tells us that he is not the faster runner in Year 6, so he sets his sights on his friend George and trys to keep up. Oscar, Year 6, says „It’s a great way to keep fit and you don’t need any resources. It’s so convenient, as we don’t even have to change into PE kits!“

If you still need convincing that The Daily Mile works, you should listen to Amber and Lily’s progress in Year 6. Amber was very proud to share that at the start she could only run half a lap, but now she can do 9! Lily started being able to do 7 laps and can now do 35! Julie Lamb says that she believes the run has really helped with the school’s Cross-Country and the children from Troon now do really well at the events held with other Primary Schools.

Photos and article reproduced by kind permission of Rainbow Multiple Academy Trust.