Teach physical education everyday because it boosts the brain, say scientists

Source: The Telegraph

Date: 24-November-2017

Physical education should be taught every day at school because exercise boosts brain size and improves academic performance, a study has shown for the first time.

Researchers from the University of Granada found that youngsters who took part in exercise at least three times a week had more grey matter in areas of the brain linked to reading and verbal communication.

Professor Francisco Ortega of the university’s Sport and Health Institute made comment on their recent findings and methodology.

Lead author Dr Irene Esteban-Cornejo stated, „We appeal both to politicians, who make educational laws that are increasingly more focused on instrumental subjects, and to teachers, who are the final link in the chain and teach Physical Education day after day.“

„School is the only entity that gathers every children in a mandatory way for a period of at least 10 years, and as such, it’s the ideal context for applying such recommendations.“

The research was published in the journal Neuroimage.

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