Can the return of ‚wet play‘ stop our kids‘ obsession with screens?

Source: The Telegraph

Date: 30-November-2017

As any parent can attest, the battle to prise children away from the glow of their screens seems endless. Nursery-age children now spend eight hours a week online, according to a new Ofcom report, with 65 per cent of three-to-four-year-olds using tablets – up 10 per cent from last year.

Over a quarter of 10-year-olds are active on Facebook and Twitter. It is statistics like these that have prompted a return to analogue education, with outdoor play chief among the ways the digital fightback is beginning; just a few weeks ago, an Ispwich academy announced it would be sending its pupils out in the rain at playtime – inappropriate footwear notwithstanding.

It seems there is a growing realisation that a return to a simpler way of doing things may be no bad thing when it comes to our little ones. The Daily Mile is one such initiative, encouraging the rise of ‚outdoor schools‘.


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