70 ideas to save the NHS: Part one

Source: The Telegraph

Date: 28-May-2018

The Daily Mile Foundation is beyond proud that The Daily Mile programme has been recognised as one of many initiatives that could reduce (or ultimately, remove) the strain from the NHS. The Daily Mile was listed as first and foremost, on a very comprehensive list of ideas. We thank The Telegraph for their on-going support of our work.

The NHS is facing more challenges than ever before as a growing, ageing population increases demand and puts budgets under strain.

Last week, the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Health Foundation predicted it would need an extra £2,000 per UK household over the next 15 years just to maintain provision at current levels.

But as it enters its 70th year, a series of changes are being brought in – from advanced robotic tools to simple, common-sense measures – that could all add up to relieve financial pressures and improve conditions for 21st-century patients.

Here, in the first of our three-part series highlighting 70 NHS innovations, we celebrate 25 ideas which could help preserve our health…

1. A Daily Mile to get children moving

British children are among the least active in the world, with one in five obese when they start primary school. But one Scottish headteacher has begun a revolution which is spreading across British schools: The Daily Mile. The move encourages primary pupils to run or jog for 15 minutes every day.

No kit or equipment is required and children can run in the playground if there is no playing field available. The scheme, launched in 2012, has been linked to improvements in fitness, self-esteem and wellbeing. One study of a similar programme in an east London primary school also found grades unexpectedly improved.

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