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Prioty School Daily Mile

Fact File

  • Where we’re based: Slough, England
  • A description of our school: A large school with SEN resource
  • School roll: 912
  • Children in school doing The Daily Mile: The whole school
  • Where we run: On our new path
  • Month/year we started The Daily Mile: April 2016

School PE lead, Lee Molland, talks us through Priory School’s experience of The Daily Mile.

Were there any problems you overcame to get started?

Convincing the whole school it was beneficial to take the time to do.

How do you make The Daily Mile work with such a large number of pupils?

It fell into place really well actually. I did an inset on The Daily Mile, and made it absolutely clear that the best way to make it successful is if the teacher takes ownership of their own Daily Mile. The lunchtime rota changed which meant that some year groups had longer afternoons than others, meaning The Daily Mile managed to break up the afternoon.

Older year groups felt that they needed to break up their mornings as English was a long lesson that children benefited from having a break from. KS1 decided they wanted to do it towards the end of the day and enjoy going out to do it when other years are there as the older ones help the younger ones.

Priory School Daily Mile

What benefits have you noticed since starting The Daily Mile?

Children who found it difficult at first have certainly improved and can run longer. Children like the break and settle back quickly to work.

You’ve shown a lot of support to other schools in helping them get started – what’s your top tip for schools looking to start?

Yes, I presented to all primaries in Slough and invited them to Priory for a look and talk. We have opened our doors to numerous schools now and are working with the council to roll it out across the borough. I meet with an SLT member and PE Lead and do a short presentation and then they watch the children in action (showcasing how simple it is).

My top tip would be to trial it with a year group, and prove how much children enjoy it by doing a simple show of hands at the end of a half term.

Priory has given presentations to 8 schools to help them get started, please contact if interested.

Our Feedback

Y5 Leader – “I just wanted to add how much the children in Year 5 enjoy The Daily Mile. If we don’t go out for any reason, they always ask why and we feel having this break in the fresh air helps them to maintain focus during the morning. It has been great to see some of the children, who are not keen on exercise, taking part and actually running for enjoyment. This time each day, has also provided the teachers with an opportunity for time to actually talk to the children which is often hard in the busy timetable. In Year 5, we have used this time to practise times tables with children as we walk round as well! Thanks again for starting this worthwhile daily routine.”

Resource teacher – “Great incentive, Lee! I also take my class on the track almost daily and they really enjoy walking/running on it. Thank you for bringing it to Priory.”

Y2 Teacher – „Our children love The Daily Mile. It’s lovely to give them time to be free! They’re definitely improving their fitness as well!“

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