Fundaciones – El Centro and Montego Bay, Jamaica


Fact File

  • Where we’re based: We have two schools in Jamaica – one, El Centro, is based in Kingston and the other is based in Montego Bay
  • A description of our school: Fundaciones are small private centres for learning, with ‚day school‘ enrollment for children under the age of 12 years.
  • School roll: 103 at El Centro and 95 at Montego Bay
  • Children in school doing The Daily Mile: All children in Kindergarten up to Grade 6, at both locations, participate in The Daily Mile
  • Where we run: It depends on the location – in El Centro we run on the playground, in the backyard and in the driveway area, whereas at Montego Bay we run in the backyard and on the sidewalk within our complex
  • Month/Year we started The Daily Mile: June 2017

Rachael McDonald, Director of Fundaciones, talked us through both Schools‘ experiences of The Daily Mile.

Did you face any barriers when implementing The Daily Mile? If yes, how did you overcome them?

The children and parents were hesitant initially, but after more detailed explanations, some consistency and a small fanfare, the children have settled into it. On days it rains and children can’t go outside, The Daily Mile is done indoors as children walk around for 15 minutes.

The children also started out trying to race always and would bump into each other, they’ve since become better at pacing themselves and jogging their Daily Mile.

Since starting The Daily Mile, what differences in the school have you observed?

Our schools are moving and that in and of itself is a BIG deal.

What has been the impact on the children’s learning, concentration and focus?

We haven’t been able to test impact on learning, as yet.

What has been the impact on the children’s behaviour, mood and relationships?

The children’s relationships have strengthened through walking, jogging and running. From time-to-time you can hear one child cheering on another, or you see one trying hard to keep up with another. There’s often competition but it’s healthy.

Do you have any individual success stories of pupils or staff members you would like to share with us?

Head of School Montego Bay, Danielle Effs – „It was great to get started and have our school participate in this initiative. The children absolutely love when we make a big deal about The Daily Mile each day and I love making a big deal about it too.“

Student, Zidan Madden – „I like being outside and I like running. I think I’m becoming more fit.“

Do you have any tips for other schools looking to get started?

Just start!

What have the parents’ reactions to The Daily Mile been?

Initially, there were not many real indications of interest but now it’s an activity that parents love hearing about.

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